Indian decorators has been the number one choice for its clientele when it comes to weddings and parties. Our multi-talented team provides the most elegant and lavish Decorations For Indian Weddings to its client. The quality of our work has been witnessed by the majority of our clients since our inception. We haven’t only provided the clients with beautiful Decorations For Indian Weddings but our coordination and dedication have resulted in our beautiful journey with the immense love and support that we get from our satisfied clients. 

This time in the month of November, we provided our decoration services to one of the most wonderful couple of the town, Mr Chuck and Mrs. Gauri. The couple was glamorous and fun-loving. When the couple came to Indian Decorators for consultations, we realized how funny and adventurous people they are. After the realization came up, we offered them a beautiful idea of GLAMPING, totally depicting their fun-loving adventurous life. And here it all started from, where Chuck and Gauri gave us details on how they wanted their first glamping to be and with our consultations, we set it up for their big event. 

The location which we selected for Glamping was a beautiful place near Green lake state park where we sorted the most wonderful points to set up the camp. The camp was decorated with crystal pomanders and flowers and the lanterns were hooked up in the stings, all of the crystals and lanterns altogether were giving an intriguing look to the camp and made the camp look ravishing. The canopy was filled with crystal balloons and little candles in different shapes like round candles, votive candles, floating candles, and pillar candles, all these candles were lit and with these, there were hundreds of LED light candles which were glorifying the decor. 

The decor itself was nothing but breathtaking, the idea of glamping brought adventure and romance together, the place was magical and the friends who were family had the fun of their lifetime. Our team made sure that everything was magical from decor to coordination, every single thing was mesmerizing. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that love was in the air and they had a safe and wonderful glamping of their life.